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Lucylu wrote: I love the way you word things Thomas! But I’d also like to know what the “god guys eat” so look forward to seeing Ables response.

I developed the white coating when I started the oil pulling too. At the same time I increased antifungals so got a little burst of my old symptoms back which I presume was the Candida complaining! I’m awaiting delivery of a very strong probiotic too so presume I’ll get some reaction to that once I start it.

Hi Lucylu,
thank you! Please tell me how you are doing after you got the strong probiotics. I am still saving up to by some for myself. They are so damn expensive here and even all the other organic stuff is unbelievable expensive. I am not able to push it all in one go. I have to step by step getting the stuff I need together. But it would be cool to no if you feel a big difference. Raster swears on it that the big change came for him after he found the right probiotics.

all the best to you and heal quickly my friend!!!