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zatoronto;53814 wrote:
Probiotics really help if you are having digestive problems with Candida like constipation. Candida grows in the intestines because of lack of Good bacteria. Good Strains of probiotic eventually repopulate the gut with good bacteria

Yes they have to be taken with other things in combo, but probiotics are the most important things in my opinion for the Gut. If you have Candida growth else where, then yes I agree different measure have to be taken. But if your main symptoms are in the Gut, then I think many of these strict diets are a waste. I personally think Cleanse is necessary maybe 5-7 days, that will kill a lot of Candida in the gut, but after that you should slowly start bringing regular foods in your system

Probiotics can help constipation, but they also cause it.

Gut or elsewhere, its not going to stay away until your immune system is capable of holding it off.