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Hello, Diane, and welcome to the Candida Diet forum.

I have to say first of all that I love your attitude about this. Your statement, “I want it out and I want it out permanently and I will do whatever it takes” perfectly explains the feeling I had when I discovered that Candida was my problem. So I know that the attitude will play a big part in your cure.
As far as the foods on the Candida diet go, below are the rules I lived by to cure Candida;

First of all, always keep this fact in your mind when you’re planning your meals:

Of course that statement means to avoid all sugar products, and that includes hidden sugars such as Dextrose which is in regular table salts like Mortons. You can purchase Celtic or Himalayan sea salts. The Himalayan salt especially contains lots of minerals that we as human beings need.

I think Hope has already talked about the toothpaste, and you can decide what you use. My choice was to go as natural as possible, so I use a bit of baking soda for brushing and hydrogen peroxide mixed half and half with water for a mouth wash. Don’t swallow it if you use it.

You can experiment with different sugar substitutes if you want to, but you may save money and time by trying either pure Stevia extract or Truvia first. Watch the Stevia because I found some of that which contained Dextrose.

Concentrate on all of the green vegetables, eggplant, avocados, onions, fresh garlic, turnips and even rutabaga. The rutabaga should be eaten carefully, meaning very, very small amounts in the beginning. I’m saying this because it’s one of the most effective and powerful antifungals I found and can create huge die-off reactions.

Cut out caffeine. Drink chicory coffee in the mornings (or any time) if you want it, plus water, and lemon or lime juice only. Goes without saying, no sodas, even the diet ones.

A lot of Candida dieters think that it’s best to leave beef and pork out of your diet for several months at least, and I agree with this. But if you feel that you need to eat these, be sure to purchase organic pork and beef. Speaking of organic, your best bet is of course to always purchase organic meat, chicken, fish, and eggs. I eat mostly eggs and chicken and once or twice a week fish.

Be sure to use organic coconut oil throughout your treatment. At one point, I was up to 16 tablespoons a day, but listen to your body, especially where high doses are concerned.

Don’t waste your money on loading up on a lot of different antifungals and other supplements. You will absolutely spend a fortune on these if you pay attention to every post and every article on Candida antifungals. One or two truly good ones are all you need. My two favorite ones are garlic bulbs eaten as they are, or if you can’t do this, a good garlic pill with the word ‘allicin’ on the label, and the other one is Oil of Oregano.

Purchase the pure liquid Oil of Oregano, preferably pre-diluted with olive oil, and start really slowly at first (with any antifungal), perhaps only two drops (in water) for about two or three days, then three drops and so on up to maybe 8 or 10 drops a day, spread out into 2 or 3 smaller doses. Always, very slow increases because you need to allow you system to adapt to a strong antifungal. If you can’t tolerate the taste like most people, you can purchase empty vegetable capsules and put the drops in the capsules.

You can receive die-off symptoms from garlic and oregano oil as well as coconut oil, and the diet itself. So before you go any further, you may want to think about investing a bit of money in a product by the name of Candidate from Native Remedies. Over a period of just a few days you can work up to three doses a day. Trust me when I say that this will be a life saver when the die-off is at its worse. Another good product for this is something called Molybdenum, an excellent product. Taking both of these won’t hurt a thing.

As far as probiotics go, the one I take is Ultimate Flora Critical Colon BifidoMax by Renew Life, but there are plenty of other good ones out there. Try to purchase probiotics that are refrigerated, these are the better ones, and yes, they are expensive, but since you’re not going to be spending a fortune on antifungals like some other people do, you will still be saving money in the long run. Again, whatever probiotic you choose, as with everything, start SLOWLY and work your way up to larger doses. You can eat organic yogurt and drink organic kefir for both nourishment and probiotics.
About the acidophilus that Round mentioned: Be careful about purchasing a product with the name “acidophilus” as this is just one form or family of beneficial bacteria. On the other hand, probiotics have a mixture of acidophilus as well as many other types of bacteria. When you have a combination, they’re much more potent, especially with Candida. Acidophilus normally contains between one and five bacteria strains. I tried to find the number of strains that Acidophilus Pearls by Enzymatic Therapy contain, and the only info I found was the name of two strains, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium longum. To show you the difference, the probiotic I’m taking contains 14 strains of beneficial bacteria.

The ‘Digestive Grape Seed’ you mentioned in your post is actually called Digestive Grape Bitters, so be sure to look for that name. Amazon sells the grape bitters:
The bitter herbs stimulate the receptors on the back of the tongue which stimulates a nerve that in turn increases the stomach acid. So since all you really need is the stimulation effect, you don’t need to take the full recommended dosage shown on most bottles. Half a dropper full on the tongue is plenty enough to do the job. In fact, taking too large a dose often will cause the berberine in it to kill the flora in your system.

As far as the aminos go, I don’t know that much about them or how important they are since I’ve never used them, but I see Hope has taken care of that subject for you.

The psyllium husk and bentonite are up to you. I didn’t take either one myself, but I believe the psyllium would be unsafe to use for very long.

Just like Hope said, this WILL get easier, especially once you start to feel more comfortable with the diet and what you should and should not be eating. Before you know it, you’ll be here on the forum answering questions.

Come back and talk to us often, just knowing that there are people who want to hear what you have to say and help you means a lot.