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My diagnosis was from a GI (the 8th MD I saw) the endoscopes involve inserting a tiny camera while I was under sedation. The photos that were taken of my intestines showed white ‘globs’ that looked like cottage cheese throughout. The visual was amazing and empowered me to get very serious about my treatment and finding a naturopath. The GI that administered the tests gave me a useless antifungal prescription as after 4 rounds it had no effect. He also had told me that he had rarely seen infestation to this extent. These endos, I believe are only administered by MD’s unfortunately. I guess it was great to get the diagnosis, but continuing to expect help from Western Medicine is unrealistic as they (at least the 8 that I saw) do not have a clue, nor do they care to. Perhaps it is more profitable for them to deal with one symptom at a time.
Thank you for your help and Blessings for your compassion.

flailingWcandi wrote: Ghee can be found in most health(y) food stores. I’ve seen it shelf stable so you might be able to find in online too.

I’d be interested in how you were dx with candidasis through upper and lower endoscopes – was it through biopsies? None ever shed any light on my situation at least from a visual perspective.

I’m coming to embrace we make too much of an issue with trying to keep weight on: understandably enough. Yet, people I’ve known through the years who went to a RAW diet lost a lot of weight, looked way skinny but, had some of the highest energy reserves around. The experts will probably disagree with their experienced based opinions but, too much fat can caused fatty liver, which decreases bile production from my understanding. I don’t know too much about this and I AM NO EXPERT, just another sufferer trying to unravel a forward path for themselves while trying to learn subjects WAY over my head.

Blessings and it’s always good to hear people doing well on their recoveries.