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Hello, Loren. Welcome to the forum.

I can only tell you what I would do in your place and if I were still on the diet and fighting the Candida. The first thing would be to remove both the brown rice and walnuts completely from my diet.

Then I would stop eating the commercial kefir and start increasing the coconut oil amount by one teaspoon every day. You could safely go up to 12 teaspoons a day, as long as you’re taking “Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate” – that should be printed on the label on the back of the container under the ‘Ingredients’ and it should be in pill form, 250 mcg per dose. Take up to three pills a day starting with one a day and adding another one each day. I wouldn’t increase a single thing until you have been taking the Molybdenum for two or three days. If the thrush is being caused by die-off, the Molybdenum should help it.

The thrush in your mouth could be caused by either die-off symptoms, or if the kefir was not fermented long enough, it could still be full of sugar no matter what the label reads, and this could cause the infestation to grow worse.

I was taking two spoons of coconut oil almost all the time and alternated with it either oil of oregano, two fresh garlics a day and or some grapeseed extract.

There’s no need to alternate the coconut oil, but alternating the oil of oregano and garlic is fine. Did you mean to type grapeseed extract? Are you taking grapeseed extract or grapefruit seed extract? Grapefruit seed extra is many, many times stronger than the grapeseed.
Just let us know if you have other questions.