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Hi Lauren,

Did you try to make a coconut bread? It’s quite delicious and it stopped the weight loss for me. I do think that it’s allowed even in the first phase if there is a problem with weight loss, someone please correct me if I’m wrong. I do think that you need to limit the coconut bread to 3 slices per day (I’ve read it somewhere on this forum) but even this much helped stop my weight loss. OK, I admit it, sometimes I have a fourth slice on days I’m too hungry or on the go or if after baking it, it just smells to good not to steal a piece hahahah. But if I’m going to cheat, I better cheat with coconut bread than non-approved item 🙂

Eggs/sardines should give you enough protein and probably prevent some of the weight loss and provide energy (once your body gets used to use protein and forget about easy carbs). Also, coconut oil gives you extra calories so when you start to increase the daily dose it should help as well.

Here is the recipe link for the coconut bread, it’s so easy to make you should definitely try it:

I started playing with it a little (if you are at the beginning of the treatment tread carefully here – I don’t have sensitivity to any of these items), so I add some oat bran, ground flax seed and sunflower seeds in the bread just to make it even tastier and more filling.

I don’t think Milk Thistle is the same as Molybdenum, Able explained it somewhere, but I will let someone more knowledgeable respond to that anyway.

Hope this helps!