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Nekotamo;38954 wrote: I was drinking water from the store for about a month or more already and today I payed attention and have read “Hloridi, Cl-: 5.68 mg/l” and I was shocked to find that chloride is included in purchased water as well?!?! Could this actually have made things harder for my recovery process all this time?

Chlorine and chloride are not the same.
Chlorine, being a highly reactive gas, is capable of oxidizing the anions of certain elements. It’s usually produced through the electrolysis of sodium chloride solutions and is mainly used as a disinfectant in water purification. This means that it kills bacteria with no differentiation between the bad and the beneficial bacteria.

Chloride is actually the second half of “sodium-chloride” or your basic table salt. It’s the result of chlorine oxidizing an electron from another element. So basically, chloride is the reduced form of chlorine. It’s found in natural water sources, most notably, sea water.

In my opinion, no amount of chlorine is acceptable for ingesting by a person with a Candida overgrowth who is trying to rebuild the flora in
his intestines, however, what you have is chloride, which shouldn’t be a problem.