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Debellen;54209 wrote: I guess I should have added to my post. I do not eat anything processed. I eat only whole foods. I have heard of prebiotics. I can’t tolerate coconut oil, turnips, or garlic. I am intolerant of cruciferous veggies, nightshades, all grains, dairy, red meat, shell fish…the list goes on and on. I have been gluten free for nearly 14 years and it took me until 4 years ago to figure out all the other intolerances. When a doctor told me to try vinegar daily, I got really sick. That’s when I found out about candida and stopped all sugars and sweeteners other than stevia. I lost 100# and was feeling much better until I saw a rheumatologist about my fibromyalgia. The medication he put me on made me terribly ill, so I was starting over again. The only medication I take is Celexa and an occasional Xanax for panic. It just takes me so long to get over a candida issue such as those Larabars. I just wanted something that was a dessert. I will not try that again and I crave them so much. As we all know though, anything we crave is usually bad for us.

Well, I wouldnt say your cravings are bad.
I would even go so far as to say your cravings are important.
I think im the only one here that doesnt subscribe to the lowcarb thing. I think its dangerous, but helpful in the first few weeks to stabilize. It serves a purpose, but my experience has been that carbs and natural sugars are my friend…but everyone has to get to the source of their issues…which is NOT food.

Once you get over your candida, so many intolerances and pains are going to clear up for you, I just know it.

I dont have the years into candida research that many here have, but I can look back on my life and recognize when my major issues started, and how they all coincided with antibiotic use. My son’s issues not only started with antibiotic use, but also steroid use (for his throat).

Im sorry your suffering with so many complications.

When you say you are intolerant of natural antifungals like coconut, what are your symptoms? Digestion issues? Pain? Maybe we can find something you havent tried yet.

I have my theories why some people are on this diet for years, and others not more than a few months. I follow Dr Morse’s theories on getting glands and organs working proper first, then getting back into balance with herbs and foods.

I dont take supplements other than vitamin C ( I did buy enzymes but I didnt take them more than once) I believe in using food as medicine, and this naturally extends to herbs.
Im not beyond taking a pharmaceutical if its necessary…but I have to exhaust all my options first…since western medicine is WHY I am in the position I am in. NOT BITTER.

There is more than one way to handle this problem, it can be tiring though going through trial and error 🙁