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Vegan Catlady
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Debellen;54382 wrote: No, I haven’t tried any simply because I fear side effects. Guess I am a real whimp!!! Herbs can be tricky and I do react to most all meds badly, so I’m guessing I’m too cautious.

Ha, your talking to the right lady… once you have had a bad reaction to something, you cant take anything without freaking out. Thats not being whimpy,thats remembering a bad experience and being cautious! Im so with you there!

I will just tell you right off the bat that most of the time, problems with herbs come from a straight-out allergy. I worked at an herbfarm for years, and we had a tearoom where we served black teas and herbal teas, and medicinal teas and tictures. Never saw a bad reaction in my life.

With hat said however, I have actually had a bad experience.
My first bad experience was recently, when I took Olive Leaf.
Its in kids formulas, and is very safe for most people, unless you are on bloodpressure/bloodsugar meds.

Im on neither, but my heart pounded and my chest hurt for hours on just a few drops.
It would be easy for me to call it “die-off”, but im reluctant because that isnt my typical die-off reaction, and other antifungals dont effect me that way. But who knows.

Digestive herbs are pretty tame.
Bitters help you to secrete bile,salivate, and encourage over time easier digestion.
Stuff like slippery elm just provide relief,and possibly encourage the body’s own healing

Its a trial and error thing, always.
I have days I am braver than others, and those are the days I try new things out.

Hope you see relief soon.