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I guess I should have added to my post. I do not eat anything processed. I eat only whole foods. I have heard of prebiotics. I can’t tolerate coconut oil, turnips, or garlic. I am intolerant of cruciferous veggies, nightshades, all grains, dairy, red meat, shell fish…the list goes on and on. I have been gluten free for nearly 14 years and it took me until 4 years ago to figure out all the other intolerances. When a doctor told me to try vinegar daily, I got really sick. That’s when I found out about candida and stopped all sugars and sweeteners other than stevia. I lost 100# and was feeling much better until I saw a rheumatologist about my fibromyalgia. The medication he put me on made me terribly ill, so I was starting over again. The only medication I take is Celexa and an occasional Xanax for panic. It just takes me so long to get over a candida issue such as those Larabars. I just wanted something that was a dessert. I will not try that again and I crave them so much. As we all know though, anything we crave is usually bad for us.