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I stand corrected on it being antifungal…and I think I misread what she wrote initially. She stated she can’t tolerate coconut oil and then she tried coconut milk and it gave her bad symptoms…it must simply be that she can’t tolerate antifungals and/or coconuts.

So it is a herx reaction…

I didn’t know the milk was antifungal and now I see why everyone consume’s it. When I think of coconut milk I think of this:

It is highly inflammatory. Its almost as inflammatory as fast food or fried chicken. Inflammation and leaky gut go hand in hand…

Well we need to know if debellen can tolerate any antifungals. It sounds like she can’t tolerate almost anything and this makes her condition especially difficult to treat.

In general if you become highly allergic to most foods, then I think leaky gut and chronic inflammation of the gut. If you reduce the inflammation and give your gut stuff to heal, you can reverse all of your allergies in my opinion. A strong relationship with all of this is liver health as well. If your liver cannot process the toxins then the toxins will build up in the body causing some of these reactions…

However when you do the candida diet catlady, its pretty important to do it strictly. If you give the yeast treats every day, every couple of days, every week, etc. then its going to take a lot of time to get better. Its like 3.5 steps forward and 2 steps back. Instead you could be going 3.5 steps forward only if you get my drift…

For instance, during the first 4 months of my personal protocol…I consumed rice, milk, vinegar, and sunflower seeds. I quickly removed milk and rice after joining the forum…but over those few months I did not get much better. Once I removed the sunflower seeds and vinegar, I started to heal maybe 2x as fast. The sunflower seeds contain mold and the vinegar is a feast for the yeast. (just sharing my personal experience) I didn’t have no symptoms either from these items.

Peanuts are an item that is not on almost 100% of the candida diets I have seen. It is the highest mold nut out there and candida can feast on other molds quite easily.

Wheat contains gluten and gluten benefits the yeast. Even though you don’t react to it, wheat is not found on almost 100% of all candida diets. Its basically almost as bad as feeding it pure sugar. I can give some more links about why wheat should not be consumed…this is basic stuff here.