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Girl, I hear you. I’m a college student as well-20 years old. I have tested negative constantly for candida and recently my health got SO poor that I couldn’t even get up from the couch. I recently went to a doctor in NYC who is an infectious disease specialist (i had to withdraw from college–this is after eating fish and veggies for months otherwise the bloating would be too severe) and my parents are desperate to want to get me better. I gave up alcohol, bread, anything starchy, grains, fruits, the whole nine yards. This doctor in NYC actually found an amoeba called E. Histolitica that no other doctor found in stool tests or anything. I’m on a two week treatment of paromicin and he also said he didn’t see any signs of candida…yeah. I’m skeptical though. Maybe i’m over paranoid because i’ve been sick for so long, but I’ve tried eating sugar while on the paromicin and still no change, i begin to swell all over, and i can feel my stomach get SO tight and the bloating gets severe 🙁 I’ve never had a white tongue and even when my gyno cultured for yeast it came back negative. So idk, maybe these meds take longer to work. But I do know that it could be something other than candida. You could have a parasite of some sort. Just something to think about..and trust me i DO relate to you entirely. It sucks being a sorority sister and an average college student and feel like your missing out on the best 4 years of your life…its complete bull shit. I wish you the best of luck and let me know if you need any advice! I’ve been through a shit ton of testing.