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Dont be afraid to toss in some fish now and then and next week maybe a piece of chicken. I found sardines that are just in plain spring water with no salt. Next week or the week after, buy a whole chicken, and use the dark meat to make some sausage patties. THere is a recipe on these forums. Add some stiva or Xylitol sweetener in it to make it more of a breakfast sausage and have that with your eggs. I typically eat three eggs every morning. Once a week I cook up a whole chicken and make sauage and have that with my eggs two times a week. I just have 2 eggs instead of three when I do that.

Brunswick is the brand I use for sardines. I am not a sardines fan but after hitting that veggie wall myself, I welcomed the fish. You can add sea salt and pepper for flavor.

When I first started the diet i made veggie broth, Just the thought of it makes ill. I dont know if I will ever be able to drink it again. ANd that was only after like three days.