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Keep it up Spicezoe! and thank you for the encouraging words as well. I am on day 38 including an almost 2 week cleanse. I recently just reintroduced some fish into my diet and it is nice to eat some real protein (I love the millet and Quinoa but a change is nice). I have never spent much time cooking and now it seems I am in the kitchen a lot more often and half the time I am searching for recipes or manipulating other recipes to cater to what I can or cannot eat heh.

The results from the diet have been incredible for me. I usually have an upset stomach and constipation almost every day (was even “diagnosed” with IBS) and now for almost 3 weeks I haven’t had a single upset stomach or constipation. My skin is almost all the cleared up and looks a lot more healthier/vibrant. I wasn’t wanting or expecting weight loss but I went from 159 lbs to 141 lbs in about a month. Kind of scary and I can’t wait to get back in the gym and put on at least a few more pounds lol.

The results are what make me stay on the diet. The results and knowing that the diet helped me, is what makes me stay away from the foods I used to eat. The trick is to keeping the bad stuff out of the house and not within your reach either. I have only been out twice now and I was able to ask the server to change a few things for me. Ex. One place had a seared tuna salad. I asked if I could have spinach instead of the salad leaves and just the seared tuna. I wrapped each piece of tuna in the spinach leaves and had a nice dinner while my friends stared at me with disbelief lol. As “alien” as this diet is (usage from a post during this discussion), I feel more human than ever.

Keep at it people, the rewards are pretty amazing. I can’t wait to see where I am in 3 months or a year and keep pushing to make this how I live and eat my life.