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NewDay wrote: I was reading a study were applications of Brewer’s yeat cured oral trush in baies in 3 days. Should I try this?

There’s been a bit of discussion about this. See this thread. It kind of conflicts with the protocol here and isn’t a strain you want developing large colonies in your digestive tract, but it does have a lot of therapeutic advantages. Oil pulling is something else you can try to relieve oral thrush symptoms.

NewDay wrote: Now, no movement. I am afraid what this will do. How will all the nasties get out of my body. My average is going to the washroom once a week or week and a half. Any suggetsions?

A lot of people experience this, and it is a cause for concern. Be sure to get as much fibre as you can from raw or lightly steamed green vegetables. You want to aim for at least 30g per day, and if you check the nutrition of your veg, this isn’t as easy as it seems – 100g of raw broccoli has just 3g, and some of this is destroyed during cooking. Supplementing something like FOS can also be helpful. Check out this thread for more suggestions.

NewDay wrote: Also, at this point, stage 1, should I be taking Molybdenum? I was a little confused by the protocol.

It’s best to start the molybdenum from the beginning. It helps clear the toxins from your system and takes some of the strain off your liver, which will reduce die-off symptoms. Get some as soon as you can and take it 2-3 times a day.

NewDay wrote: Somehow I’m down 4 lbs though. I think it must be from the bloat.

This is also quite common. People on low-carb diets like Atkins lose a portion of weight rapidly due to retained fluid being released. A lot of overweight people are really just full of water.

Glad to hear you’ve noticed some improvement despite the problems. It’s a long journey, but a bit of positivity will help you go the distance. Good luck!