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Thank you Thank you Thank you Guys!

So now that I see the forum diet, I see it is even more restrictive.

Little question. It says we can have Bell Peppers…can we have yellow or red bell peppers??

So 2 weeks eh??? I can I will try my darndest.

My problem is I can’t eat egg yolk (never liked them, big time gag reflex) and so I really only have egg white and I guess the occasional fish or chicken for protein.

So I will continue looking forward to the day I can introduce coconut bread and some of those more filling foods! 12 DAY COUNTDOWN =)

So glad to hear I can’t have apple cider vinegar for now. Drinking it really makes me nauseous. BTW- In two weeks, do you recommend I start drinking it again??? or is there something else I can do?

Sorry for all the questions. I want to get this right and never have to do this ever again!