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LOL, I’m STARVING! I have been shoving veggies in my mouth all day and even when I am in the actual act of eating them I am still hungry! In the past this faze will only last a day or so before I stop feeling it much at all (I did no-carb 2 years ago, so I’m basing my thoughts on this).

Otherwise I feel like I always do. Celery makes the inside of my mouth feel funny and the green onions I got are STRONG! Woah, made my eyes water at work.

Will I experience any Die-off symptoms during my week long detox? I wasn’t sure how long it took a yeast cell to starve. I already got my Stage 2 stuff (Caprylic Acid, Grapefruit Seed Oil and something else, I can’t remember as well as Myopblo…(whatever that word was :)).

I also got some Himalayan Sea Salt today and Xylitol toothpaste as well as some antibiotic free eggs in case I have to have something a little ‘heavier’ during the detox, but I’m going to try and hold off on them for the week.

I’m really kind of scared of the bad die-off period. Weeks of hives and rashes would suck. I can deal with fevers and stomach aches and such, but hives, hope I miss that symptom!

Thanks for the help and support everyone.