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Able900 wrote:

Started the diet 100% today.
I also took, one probiotic and 1000mg milk thistle. HELP!!!!!!

You started the diet … and took a probiotic all on the same day?

That’s literally a request in the form of begging for trouble.

Pardon me asking, but have you read even one protocol for treating a Candida overgrowth? Ever?

I don’t suppose you took Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate for three days before starting the diet either?

Gee Able, could you have reamed her any more? Seriously??? This is NOT support, it’s harassment! You’re not a good example of what a forum leader should be. Get off your high horse and step down…Mister “only been successful for 6 months”. You should be a “newbie”. Not an “expert”.

Pretty in pink? Don’t listen to this guy. Go research Candida on your own and learn what you can from multiple websites that are helpful AND nice. You don’t have to take this kind of abuse from this attention seeking kid. I’m sorry he was such a jerk to you.