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carla mc wrote: my diet hasn’t changed (had fish twice though), still stuck in stage the yeast gets worse, my anxiety about it does too. (this is what i get for feeling cocky/low anxiety the first few weeks!)sigh.reading stuff on here helps, but sometimes the information is overwhelming(especially if you don’t feel quite like yourself..??) trying to wax silver lining about it all though…somehow this seems to be just part of the journey to understanding my weird relationship with food/mood. and it’s prompting me to seek treatment to rid mouth of amalgam fillings.etc etc. i took a dose of diflucan last week and it didn’t improve anything. (overuse of it last year may be to blame?)

Hi Carla, it is normal to feel like you do, we all go through this time. But how long have you been on the diet yet and what are you eating? For us to here to give you some help we will know that you eat, drink and take as supplements to see what is going on. What symptoms do you have?

all the best