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Fantastic information! Thank you! I have been looking for answers regarding the silent reflux I was just diagnosed with… sooooo uncomfortable, and the sore throat is simply awful…thinking I definitely have some erosion in my esophagus at this point.

They prescribed a prilosec type med. I took it for a few days because I was very afraid. But I came to my senses and decided to advise myself like I would any one of my massage clients and headed straight to the health food store. I somehow started thinking about candida while looking at products and intuitively wondered if there is a connection!

I had a full week of intravenous antibiotics in both arms 2 years ago because I had an infection that got into my blood. I took a general probiotic product for maybe a week after my hospital stay. But I never really addressed the possibility of my system going out of whack because of all those antibiotics! These past 2 years my sugar cravings have been thru the roof and I have gained 30 lbs… ugh. Thing is I never had any thrush, vaginal itchiness or any real visible symptoms..only minor rectal itchiness and when that happened, I would take a probiotic for a day or 2. Duh, cant believe I did not make the connection sooner.

I bought a product called Candex. The gal at the store says people have been getting remarkable results with it, have you heard of it? What do you think about DGL, bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar and D-Limonene as components to a candida/reflux treatment protocol? Along with of course probiotics and digestive enzymes.

I have been doing baking soda for a couple of days now, totally makes sense! So happy to have found this place.