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I tested some HCl a couple of times, but I seemed to get a warm feeling, which isn’t a good sign. I was taking the bitters for 5 weeks but they didn’t seem to help (not that it’s easy to judge). Giving them a break and avoiding water around meals hasn’t made a difference either. I started zinc and vitamin A + D about two weeks ago. I’ve been taking a weak probiotic (4bn) and I’m waiting for a few kinds of higher-quality ones to arrive.

I don’t have IBS as such, I’m just experiencing IBS-like symptoms on top of everything else. I don’t plan to stop the protocol by any means, I’m just wondering how best to adapt my diet to resolve the issues I’ve been having, since they’re really making it hard to progress. I thought maybe it’d be worth trying to eliminate FODMAP foods while sticking to the allowed list here since FODMAP/SCD seems to have a good track record. It’s so hard to judge intolerances without elimination, and even then it’s not easy. I guess I’ve just got to experiment.