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klips32;47853 wrote:

I don’t know who is the person. It was a forum reader like many others but never posted.

I know about some people who has been following my posts for sometime without posting.

It looks like it was one of those cases.


Okay 🙂

But, the enemas I did with nystatin had no effect at all, more the opposite: Lost some bacterial flora (I guess) and after a few days things where “normal” again. But I’ll look into it again..

Doubt you have lost any bacterial flora since it changes diary. I don’t know what is your case, but I am convinced a severe intestinal candidiasis must be treated both ways. The antifungal enemas are mentioned in candida books written by MDs. After my long hours posting in candida forums since 2008,I have found that severe cases were cured doing enemas and oral treatments.

The colon is the preferred place for candida growing in the intestines. You are trying to clean a long pipe that is full of fecal matter, decomposed food, death flora, liquid and enzymes.

It is ridiculous to think that a simple capsule or a teaspoon of coconut oil reach the colon walls when it will mix with food to form a fecal bowl. However, emptying the pipe and cleaning it inside with clear water will allow an antifungal solution to reach remote parts of the colon and facilitate contact with the colon walls where the fungal colonies reside.