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This is a post I made about a month ago:
The body is a quite complex system and it is not that easy. It depends on what you mean with “environment”. Blood ph levels and ph levels in the stomach, intestine and colon are at different levels. In general, your body must be alkaline to function well. If not, you deprive your body from essential minerals (like calcium, magnesium, …). Things that make your body alkaline are raw vegetables and fruits (especially citrus fruits, like lemons). Things that make your body acidic are things like red meat, coffee, alcohol, … (the reason why you can’t eat these).
BUT Your intestines have to be acidic. Your stomach has to be very acidic, otherwise all sorts of pathogens can enter your system. Candida likes an alkaline environment. Hence, the probiotics and the acidic antifungals.

Candida is not really a disease, it is a symptom of an underlying problem. For example, a sick body that is too acidic and can’t get rid of its toxins. The solution of curing candida lies in restoring your body by alkalising in general (the diet) and acidifying the intestines (probiotics). This way your body can function properly and can eliminate the candida itself. Some believe that most diseases (even cancer) are caused by a body that is too acidic. I tend to believe this, but I’m still figuring out how far this is true.

To come back to your question. Your stomach needs to be acid. By taking baking soda, you will decrease the acidity enormously. Baking powder is quite alkaline (ph of about 8.2-8.3). It will react with the stomach acid, which is obviously acid. The next reaction will take place:
NaHCO3 + HCL -> H2O + NaCl + CO2
As a result, water, salt and carbon dioxide are formed. The CO2 is what makes you belch.
If you like a video:

Some (alternative) doctors believe that fungi (candida albicans) are the cause of cancer and they (sometimes successfully) treat patients with baking soda. But they inject the baking soda directly at the tumour area, not via the intestines.

If you want to try baking soda, use it between meals, not with meals.