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thanks for the reply, i know i just read your post as well.

i feel much better now. normal almost though i had to take the sodium sachet and some pill(i think for dehydration)
i think maybe because it’s a frigging 110 F here and i lost a lot of water.

i don’t have molybdenum isn’t available here. i have ordered milk thistle though. i certainly would need it now and a herbal liver supplement containing chicory root,etc . i will get that in a week i guess.

the problem is i have been on the diet for 3-4 months and if still after such a long time i am suffering so drastic reactions i doubt my diet and the hard work i have put up till now

i would appreciate if you would take a look at the post–help-needed.aspx
i will force the doc to order stool tests for me, i want to confirm it completely.but mostly to prove everyone at home that something major was wrong with me today not because of dehydration or eating millet,buckwheat ,etc which are perceived to be warm fooods