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Chamomile Tea and blueberries can help with diarrhea too.

I remember having a 3-5 days of eliminating pure liquid too. Your digestive system is probably inflamed due to the high amount of antifungal you took with the coconut oil. You were only used to one teaspoon a day and then you took 6 I think you said? That’s going to cause a lot of die off in your gut. It’s probably playing havoc on your ph levels and acidity levels in your stomach right now too.

When my digestive system was at its worse, it wasn’t even digesting lettuce. I would see green pieces in my stool after I went to the bathroom. It was also complete water. I know it’s quite scary if you’ve never had it before but it is listed as a die off symptom for a reason.

I would take a break from antifungals for a couple days to let your system settle down a bit.

Personally, my diarrhea went away and has changed to bad constipation.

If going to a doctor makes you feel better and relieves some stress. There’s nothing wrong with that.