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thanks, smitty .
i really appreciate you taking out time to advice/help me.

i wasn’t stressed for decades, maybe a year , at the most a year and half due to the change/transition from school to college.

i didn’t have major acne to start with. i still hate my dermatologist for prescribing me that.
it just was a little red on the cheeks,nothing a herbal home remedy wouldn’t have fixed.

i am going to start again eating indian gooseberry(highest source of vitamin c, 20 times more than orange

i am intolerant to eggs and i still haven’t been able to find organic chicken(i guess natural one would be of no use
i think i have already been quite successful in adapting to the diet in my own way though a lot needs to be done with new recipes and stuff

a probiotic is something that is desperately need but can’t find the ones recommended on the forum

many thanks again