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A couple of things to remember
Vitamin C comes in many different shapes and forms; choosing the wrong one can actually be counter-productive and worsen your Candida overgrowth. Most importantly, remember to buy a supplement that contains no added sugar. Those effervescent Berocca tablets unfortunately contain sucrose, which is sure to feed your Candida.

Try to buy a good Vitamin C supplement from a trusted brand like Source Naturals or Garden of Life. Be careful to check what other ingredients the supplement contains. Sugar is certainly not the only substance that can worsen your Candida, so be very aware of what you’re putting in your body.

There’s one other thing to remember when you are taking Vitamin C. It is a natural diuretic, meaning that it helps to rid the body of excess fluids. Even though you’re unlikely to become dehydrated by just taking Vitamin C, we’d recommend that you drink plenty of water while you take these supplements.

From the Candida Diet website about vitamin c

The Protocol

Antifungals and correct dosages

Vitamins and minerals

One thing I noticed about that vitamin c supplement is it has sucralose. It’s best to try and avoid artificial sweeteners and sugar. Problem is a lot of vitamins use sugar as filler and artificial sweeteners to make them taste better.

The supplement I have right now has dextrose in it, I missed it when I got it in the store but it’s way down the list and I can’t afford to buy another one right now so I understand where you’re coming from. Do your best. If that’s all you can get, it isn’t the worst one I’ve seen. Artificial sweetener isn’t probably as bad as sugar or dextrose which I don’t see it in it. The only other thing I would mention is I don’t see biofavinoids listed either which I’m pretty sure helps to absorb into the body.

Sorry if it feels like too much information lol