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hope4eva77;31758 wrote: why am i so destructive ?! i want to get better yet i find myself eating sugar and carbs ! what in the hell is wrong with me and i feel so guilty afterwards i know its so stupid to give in to cravings ! i cant wait till my l glutamate gets here im really hoping it helps me ! i ate oatbran so far today but didnt soak it i have read sum say soak ur oat bran .it really sux i have my unsupportive hubby eating tempting things around me constantly but there is nothing i can do he wont eat right ,anyway everyday i get a bit closer to following this diet and everyday i fuk up some how ! im stressed and i know thats what im supposed to get away from !but since i eat when im stressed and now i dont have that anymore makes me more stressed and feels impossible !i do excersice and that helps me control cravings but i still wanna binge

Hope, who told you that your oat bran needs to be soaked? That isn’t listed on the Strict diet and I have never read any threads where Able or Raster have claimed Oat bran needs to be soaked. I believe you are mistaken.

Able or Raster could you please confirm this is not necessary or if I am wrong?