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Vegan Catlady
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kittykat86;56592 wrote: Hi Vegan Catlady 🙂
I’m new to this forum and so grateful to be apart
of as doctors are hopeless. I came across a post about a lady who took a spoonful of garlic with water. I found this to be the most exciting news ever because as cheap and quick it is …. it has worked wonders. I wont say im cured but definately feel my symptons have subsided immensely. Also the placing of the garlic you know where took that irritation away. You read everywhere about taking garlic and it being good for candida … but I was quick to dismiss as im young and thought that the bought items would get rid of this. Iv spent so much time money and emotional stress of this damn illness I wish I had of done the garlic thing in the
first place. Just wondering if the garlic works for you ? Wishing you all hope and wellness in this journey, I hope to read soon that thinfs are working out for you X

Hi Kittykat86! I put your answer to this post here:—my-experiences.aspx
so that we do not hijack the thread ! 😀