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You’re right, the forum and the site are quite different in places. The forum is mostly run by raster and Able, two experts who have a slightly different view to the website of how to deal with candida.

Generally when raster or able are talking about the candida diet, they are refering to a stricter version of the diet that they have developed through trial and error during the treatment of their own symptoms. They support people who are on the website diet and those on the stricter diet equally, but it’s always worth mentioning in your posts which diet you are doing.

Most of the people on the forum are on the stricter diet, purely through having conducted their own form of trial and error, and discovering that stricter works better.

A lot of people on the forum have also contributed information on their own experiences of the most effective probiotics, anti fungals and supportive supplements, and so the advice on the forum seems to me to be a bit further evolved than the advice on the website.

I believe the details of the strict diet were removed from the forum because it is possible to make yourself quite ill if you don’t follow it properly, and a lot of people were challenging it without really taking the time to understand the reasoning behind the different elements of it, which is just a hassle for the experts since all they’re trying to do is help other people get better in the same way they have.

Assuming you think you have candida and are looking for a solution, my advice would be to start the normal website diet (not the cleanse) while you do a bit more research, and once you’ve resigned yourself to the restrictions of that diet and worked out what does and doesn’t work for you, ask Able for a copy of the stricter diet if you want to take a more aggressive line.

Hope this helps!