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If you are constipated then this is what is causing the gas problems essentially. You might find better success with zypan or AF betafood than the HCL supplement you are taking because these are food derived sources. Both of these should reduce the gas.

You might also benefit from digestive enzymes while travelling to help break down the food you eat. These are a table that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

If your digestion breaks down you will feel like crap. This happens to me when I cheat basically. What happens if you don’t flush a toilet after crapping in it? Well this is what is happening inside your body essentially…

I would try out HMF neuro for awhile and if you find a different DDS product that has a high billion count and a high number of strains (20+ billion cfu per capseule), then I would go for it. You don’t have to restrict yourself to just megaflora. Able mentions some other brands that contain DDS-1 as well on the forum.