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Danny33;48464 wrote: I agree with kjones. Natural Vitality – Natural Calm (magnesium) is a great supplement worth trying. Magnesium is probably the best natural stool softener you can get. It tastes great as well.

Chronic constipation is actually one of my most severe symptoms. I use Natural Vitality Natural Calm and Acacia fiber daily. This helps noticeably.

I also have organic black coffee (not recommended on this forum) from time to time and it helps a lot.

Danny brings up a good point about the magnesium. I backed off from it for awhile because I thought it was stimulating my bowels too much, but for some reason now, I have been flowing somewhat the other direction. I would like 2 bm’s a day without making my bowels too angry. I really notice things, since I don’t have a colon.

Anyways, magnesium relaxes your muscles, mind, etc. Read about it!

Yes, about the only time I drink coffee if I really what to get moving, like Danny said. That is the only reason why I would do it.