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Thanks everyone. I picked up the Natural Calm that you recommended last night. It says to start with 1/2 teaspoon and work my way up, so I will do that. I did some reading about this particular product last night, and people love it—for many reasons! I’m excited to give it a try. And I agree with you about organic black coffee as someone that is chronically constipated—I use it from time to time to give me a boost as well!

The store I went to to buy my magnesium has Naturopaths there to help people. The person I spoke to also cautioned me about my two cups of goat’s milk kefir a day given that I am allergic to dairy; I can tolerate goat’s milk, but maybe it isn’t helping me in the end with regard to constipation?

I don’t want to change two things at once because I won’t know what helped me, so am taking magnesium for now!

Thanks for your help and recommended such a fabulous product!