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Thank you so much. It was very good to read this inside article. Though I didn’t get all parts I suppose becoming more familiar with the use of kefir, i will do so.

But for the moment I need a little bit more guidance:
I was taking 250gr of a commercial kefir (andecher Natur Bio Kefir mild) for 3-4 days in row. Became insanely costipated and burned in the stomach the last day. Stop for 3 days, everything returns to normal.

So what your saying is basically that I have a serious problem in my digestive system and I’m hurting cause kefir is healing me. Also I have tones of mucus coming out. That’s good, right? It means Candida is being killed, isn’t? So I should start from one tablespoon each day except p.ex. Sunday and if i have no symptoms increase it.

My questions:
Is it really that bad that I’m taking the commercial kefir? I don’t know how to make one on my own and don’t have much time anyway
How much time after taking it should I eat?
If I hurry up and force myself to higher doses, even when there are strong symptoms, will it do me more bad than good?