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nz4ever wrote: Well if it’s not too much trouble, kefir instructions would be most welcomed! And yes lowering the dose works better and still produces mucus which is a sign of dead candida cells i think.

By the way i tried making sauerkraut. I put the cabbage into a bowl with a tight covering plate on top and a jar filled with water to press it down, as shown in the video. But after 5 days and nothing, it looked stilled the same but had an awful smell. I wonder what am i doing wrong?

Also I would like to ask if fried foods are ok. I’m 2 months in the cure. I made chicken and salmon (separetely of course) fried in a non-stick pan with no additional fat whatsoever, they were cooked in their own grease. should i stop it?

Here are few posts I found, you may research further and there are tons of videos on youtube about making kefir:

Hope this helps!