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nz4ever wrote: Thank you so much. It was very good to read this inside article. Though I didn’t get all parts I suppose becoming more familiar with the use of kefir, i will do so.

But for the moment I need a little bit more guidance:
I was taking 250gr of a commercial kefir (andecher Natur Bio Kefir mild) for 3-4 days in row. Became insanely costipated and burned in the stomach the last day. Stop for 3 days, everything returns to normal.

So what your saying is basically that I have a serious problem in my digestive system and I’m hurting cause kefir is healing me. Also I have tones of mucus coming out. That’s good, right? It means Candida is being killed, isn’t? So I should start from one tablespoon each day except p.ex. Sunday and if i have no symptoms increase it.

My questions:
Is it really that bad that I’m taking the commercial kefir? I don’t know how to make one on my own and don’t have much time anyway
How much time after taking it should I eat?
If I hurry up and force myself to higher doses, even when there are strong symptoms, will it do me more bad than good?

I would suggest you try homemade kefir because it contains A LOT more of strains of good bacteria and if you make it yourself you know that it has been fermented right. You can search the forum for other posts discussing making kefir and see how easy it is. It takes about 5 minutes to strain a cup of kefir, wash the utensils and grains and finally pour a fresh milk in grains. It will not take that much of your time but will offer much more benefit than store bought stuff.

Let me know if you don’t find info on making kefir and I will send it to you.

Good luck!