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amack1841 wrote: Also, what antifungals?

You really should start by reading the posts on the forum. You can learn a lot that will help you through your treatment. The answer to most – if not all of your questions are on the forum. If you can’t find a particular subject, certainly you should ask about it.
If you’ve only been on the diet for four days, wait at least another seven days before starting any antifungals or probiotics. The reason for this is that the diet normally causes die-off symptoms, and if it does, the antifungals and probiotic will only add to the die-off sickness.
To help with the constipation, you can start taking two teaspoons a day of the coconut oil, the next day add another spoon, then move up to four teasspoons. Contact the forum again after that, or before, to let us know how you’re doing with the coconut oil. Be sure to purchase only the “organic” pure coconut oil from a health food store.

What are you Candida symptoms?

You have at least seven days to research the site, you can learn volumes of useful information about Candida during that time, information that you’ll need to cure your infestation.