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I had constipation problems the first few months on the diet, and before. I was hesitant to use senna tea but it was at the point where that was better than to just let the poop rot there. I had to do something so about once a week I drank senna tea, waited for that to work, then did an enema, and fasted for a day or 2 started since I drank the senna. Other things have worked before though. Some for a few days and others for a few weeks.

-Kale. Kale really helped me go and that lasted a few weeks. I ate it raw.
-Large Carrots. These helped a few days. Also raw.
-Stopped eating meat. Help a few days maybe a week.
-Oat Bran. Helped a few days to a week than seemed worse.(I think food rotation is something that would also be helpful)
-Some fats like coconut oil. Helped a little bit.
-Kefir. This, I believe, has helped the most and is still helping. I take kefir with a tbsp or 2 of ground flax seed, which is important cause the fiber and nutrition, stirred in along with some walnuts and diced green apple.
-Cultured veggies are also good.

Now if you get desperate you can do what I did and drink senna tea(didn’t do it more than once or twice a week), do an enema, and fast. I also found that smoking a cigarette after breakfast or dinner helped, I believe it works as a bowel stimulant, but it only worked sometimes.