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Thanks for the reply Orka, I think after doing the clay and P Husk for 2 days its time to stop and try this safer detox, I still have the constipation and last night I had a tightness in my chest and started vomiting up lots of liquid and thick slime like water I had no choice but to eat some toast in an attempt to settle my stomach, I really thought I would have to go to the medical centre and became quite concerned, but after a while it did settle down and I went to sleep only to wake up about 5 times in the night to go to the bathroom and piss about 2 litres of water each time, though I wasnt drinking this much, it seems that it was a great build up of liquid over the 2 days, anyway thats the end of my little clay drinking experiment, think ill use the rest of the clay I have for face masks.

I find it strange that more side effects are not made clear on the website and that in order for someone to find out more about it they need to navigate through the forums, also I think this safer detox and anything sort of common reactions people might have to the clay detox along with other highly important information, like ‘chance of internal bleeding from digesting’ should be made sticky main posts.