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Hi – it is a fallacy that men can’t get yeast infections as many on here can attest. I have Candida related dermatitis that improves with strict application of the diet and antifungals. I also get solar urticaria – never a problem before the Candida infestation

When you initially cut out sugar etc do you experience any die off (herxheimer reaction) usually experienced as mild flu like symptoms or headaches? This could be a pointer to a Candida infection. Did you take any large doses of antibiotics shortly before you noticed the symptoms rise. This combined with a high sugar/high simple carb diet is the main culprit in many cases

Don’t expect any support from your doctor -> most of them do not buy into the idea of Candida for people who are not highly immune suppressed e.g. people who have recently undergone a serious operation with immune suppressing drugs. I am fortunate in that my GP has read the studies and is at least willing to entertain the idea that Candida infestations are possible for a whole range of people

A Naturopath may be able to guide you -> but there are quite a few charlatans out there as well so you ideally need a good recommendation

Able or Raster should be able to set you on the right track with the cleanse and diet if you wanted to at least try this approach.

In short, Candida is a potential cause to your issue but not necessarily the only route cause so don’t discount it as something to investigate further

Good luck