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biff wrote:
I had a “physical” in July with my doc, she couldn’t care less about the body temp and frankly other than the bloodwork I was sent to get, it was a waste of time. But the bloodwork did say my thyroid was OK (whatever that means), but I don’t know how extensive that test is because trying to educate myself about my symptoms I’ve come accross some stuff that points in that direction.

Yeah, I’m sorry all of us are suffering with this enigma. We should keep each other in our prayers. There’s plenty of reason to think adrenal/thyroid are key components to addressing candida.

Sadly, had the same reaction when I showed a body temp chart to my doc years ago: waved it off like it meant nothing so, thought nothing of it till recently. Others here have helped me understand what it means – adrenal/thyroid issues which I would never have come up with on my own: sharing forward.

From my limited understanding, having TSH, T3 and T4 levels checked sheds the most light on whether there is reason for concern. undertanding thyroid tests There are other forum members who are more qualified to discuss this issue as I know little other than the symptoms we both share. They say it is common to just check one, rather than all three which could be why your tests came back as they did.

Here are a couple of pertinent cut/pastes to the forums topic candida/digestion.

The adrenal glands produce hormones in a complex symphony that is orchestrated by two structures in the brain called the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland.

These glands control many functions from anti-inflammatory (ridding the body of pain and swelling) and immune system protection to balancing fluid and salt levels and controlling minerals (such as potassium), rapid heart rate, regulating blood pressure, and sleep and awake cycles.

These glands counter stress by the production of several hormones. The adrenals don’t know the difference between physical and mental stress, they treat both with the same stress hormones. Every type of stress influences these glands – injury, infection, divorce, finances, job-related stress, irritable peoples, drugs and medications, surgery, pain, illness, poison ivy, extreme cold or heat, giving birth, menstrual cycle., staring into computer monitors, eating junk foods, starvation diets etc. etc. etc.

When stress and poor nutrition lead to altered hormone levels, imbalance in endocrine function can lead to substantial fatigue. When you experience stress of any kind, the adrenals start pumping adrenaline and other hormones. These hormones get the blood flowing to the heart and muscles and at the same time pull the blood away from your digestion. They also stimulate the nervous system to speed up the heart rate. They prepare your body for stress.

There’s a whole list of potential symptoms near the bottom of this page.

I live in the NE and was just mowing my lawn for 2 hours straight and it’s hot, my skin felt hot so I took my temp and it was 96. My skin always feels itchy and cold to the touch, unless of course I’ve been sweating. When it’s cold I often feel like I have the chills, which is not something I experienced earlier in life, regardless of how could it was.

Like you, I only take temp when I feel cold/chills, typically when encountering night sweats which I have suffered for well over a decade. I am extremely sensitive to cold weather, which is another indicator of adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid. It’s literally painful. I feel better in warm dry weather but, it’s summer here in CA and I still feel cold mostly.

I have not experienced any rapid weight fluctuations although when I gave up the sugar and wheat I figured I might drop a few lbs as a side benefit, but I didn’t. I do also have the red puffy eyes with the dark bags.

Since they help regulate so much with digestion/blood sugar etc, I lost a lot of weight on a restricted diet which probably only further stressed these intricate systems. Once I slipped with more carbs/sugars they just ballooned on the weight. Though, it’s rather stable presently with a more consistent diet.

If you look at the above symptom list, red puffy eyes and dark bags are further indicators which I don’t wish on anyone. Glad you have experienced them. Think everyone’s state of health and body is different but, AF/HT seems more common than not with candida.

Good luck to you,

Good luck to you and us all…..blessings.