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Thanks so much for your responses! @ londoner1 – I agree about not expecting much from my doctor. I did have bloodwork that said my white blood cells counts were a bit low and my liver function was low. So they sent me for an ultrasound and a hepatitis test, those were clear and suddenly my liver blood work was normal just a few days later…so basically I just look at the doctor to rule things out, but I don’t expect any diagnosis’ of value.

To answer your question I can’t say that a felt any flu-like symptoms or headaches when I was abstaining from the sugar, but a do periodically feel those anyway.

I agree also that a naturopath is my next step, I just got a recommendation from a friend whom had a great experience with a naturopath that help clear up her digestive tract issues.

@raster – Thanks for the HCL recommendation that seems like it would be worth a try. And I hear what you are saying about that my body may be detoxing through my skin, thank-you for pointing that out. And, yes, I’ve been concerned about inflammation and been trying to take supplements and include food in my diet that is anti-inflammatory. And I do think my issues are coming from my gut because I do feel some consistent discomfort in that area and seem to pass quite a bit of undigested food. I do believe trying this diet is a good idea and certainly is worth a try.