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Dr. Mcoombs feels that anyone with skin issues is not producing enough HCL (hydrochloric acid). If you supplement your diet with some HCL, you likely will notice an improvement. I personally take a form of it called zypan which also heals the bodies organs…

I would consult a naturopath who can heal you. I would also try out the diet and stick to it for a long time if you notice improvement. Cause and effect right here…if the diet makes the symptoms reduce, then there likely is a reason for this.

You also potentially have chronic inflammation which could be caused by candida as well as parasites or other bacteria.

There are only a few major ways to detox toxins from the body; via the skin, via the bowels, and via the lungs. If your liver or other organ is damaged, then your body is not detoxing via its normal processes but via an alternative process (such as skin).

I would also consider getting tested for allergies; this can be caused by leaky gut which is caused by inflammation and candida.