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At the time you wrote your first post, you said you were three days into the diet, but you also said you were having kefir which according to the instructions on the diet you shouldn’t start for two more weeks as it acts as an antifungal. You’re also eating garlic and Brussels sprouts, all of which are strong antifungals. I suggest you stop eating/drinking all three of these for another two weeks. At that time, introduce only one of these and in one week another, and wait another week to introduce the third. If you remain on the strict diet, you’ll still be killing the Candida. In your case you’re just going to have to take it slower.

I also agree with Raster that you should not take a multiple vitamin. It sounds like you need to read The Protocol which accompanies the strict diet.
Diarrhea will keep the die-off toxins out of your body which is good, but you don’t want it to go severely on every day.

Since you apparently need to go slow with the treatment, don’t start the SF722 until much later.

Stay in touch with us as far as the details of what you’re taking and eating as well as any problems that may pop up.