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Hi there, Able.

I am on day 13 and wondering when I should start the SF722. Currently I am feeling better than I was and following the timeline strictly. My stool has hardened for the most part and the only negative change I see is acne on my face. I never get acne… What was once a very loud ringing in my ears has dulled down so much that I focus much easier–I didn’t realize how lovely and quiet normal people’s lives are! I have been consuming more coconut oil each day (I’m up to 5 tablespoons throughout the day) and since week 1 is over I eat between 4 and 6 eggs each day. Is that too much? I eat at least 5 different vegetables, raw (if not gas-causing) and cooked throughout the day. I also want to introduce rutabaga as my first test food. Please give me the heads up on what you recommend. I do not want to jump into anything that may cause terrible die-off symptoms–I plan on being in public quite a bit during the next month.

Supplements I take currently (all in recommended amounts and times by the protocol):
-Nettle Leaf Tea
-Licorice Tea
-betaine HCI
-Vitamins A, D, and D3 after an oily breakfast and Cod liver oil after lunch
-Vit E
-Vit C
-Milk Thistle Seed Caps and Tea
-Swedish Bitters
-Lemon water
-Diatomaceous Earth (not on protocol but I would love your second opinion on dosage)

I am waiting to add:
-Probiotics (brands recommended by the protocol)
-Antifungals (first GSE for a week ONLY, then red thyme oil, then oregano oil, then alternate thyme and oregano oils)

Based on my situation please let me know if you continue to think I should wait to take the SF722 and how you feel about me introducing other new things. I want to start eating unsweetened coconut shreds, too.

Thank you for your efforts.