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Hi, Mike.

“out of my system, I ate normally and it came right back.”

This happens often with Candida sufferers, in fact, I think with most. It’s exactly what happened with me. I’m of the belief that it takes much longer than any of us suspect to be rid of the infestation. I’m clear of all symptoms at this point, and have been for quite a while, but I do not plan on ever going back to eating “normally” again. I won’t take that chance.

“The gastro doctor has been frustrating. At the appointment, he said everyone has candida in their bodies and that chiropractors all diagnose candida for any problem.”

It’s true that everyone has a certain amount of Candida in our system as it’s necessary for good health; however, a Candida infestation which turns fungal is also very possible.

“He felt that the only people who get a candida overgrowth are those with diabetes, compromised immune systems or cancer patients.”

What can I say, he’s just another MD Idiot, and there are lots of those around.

“I plan to stay on the candida based diet for a much longer time having had the experience of the infection coming right back if you eat as one ate in the past, too soon. I’m figuring December or beyond, just to be safe.”

I’ve been on the diet for eight months, with no immediate plans for a change. My way of coping is focusing on one day at a time, that and being grateful that I no longer have any Candida symptoms at all thanks to the diet, antifungals, and heavy doses of probiotics.

“But if not candida, then what is this? … Am I really better, or is there something still undiagnosed and dire looming?”

What are your current symptoms?

“Hopefully I am truly getting better. In many ways I do feel much better, but in some ways no….”

In what ways do you ‘not’ feel better?

Thanks for posting.