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1) If I follow the diet, will the Canesten start to work?

Reply: If I’m not mistaken, I think Canesten is simply a cream, if this is true, you cannot cure a Candida overgrowth with a cream, it must be treated from inside the body, and there is no diet which can cure a Candida overgrowth as it takes an entire treatment of diet and supplements.

2) Will the diet have any effect if I don’t use probiotics and antifungals?

Reply: If you fail to reestablish the flora in your intestines you’ll never be able to cure the infestation, however, you could probably get by without antifungals although it would take much, much longer to reach the zero symptoms stage.

3) I’m on medication – Xyrem (sodium oxybate) and ritalin – will I still be able to take these?

Reply: Normally, we do not advise against any needed prescription medications.

If you’d like to have a link to the diet that most of the forum members are using, just let me know; this also includes a protocol to follow which includes supplements. You can send a private message if you want to here on the forum.