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Able900 wrote: A more than average amount of mucus in the stool can be caused by several diseases; among them of course is a Candida overgrowth. Other causes are IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), bacterial infections, and ulcerative colitis. You stated that one reason you believe your problem is Candida was because of a vaginal infection; I assume you’re speaking of a vaginal yeast infection? Also, as far as your nail is concerned, does this look like a fungal infection or a bacterial infection? Typically a fungal nail infection will cause the nail to turn different shades of yellow.

If so, how long have these infections been occurring?


Yes, I was speaking of the yeast infection.

Two of my right toe nails have looked like the nail in the photo you shared for a long time. A few months ago, all of my right toe nails and three of my left toe nails started to grow white like the second picture in this article:

The possible causes you listed sound very serious. Im getting worried.