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Trust me, you dont want to go anywhere else… stick to the program on this site. My candida was so bad 6 months ago i thought i was going to die and never get better.. but now i am completely healed.

Go on the 14 day cleanse (stage 1 foods), make the soup broth everyday, and drink it 3x a day… it has all the vitamin and minerals your body needs that the candida is stealing from you. Take the liver detox drink on an empty stomach before you go to bed. For protein eat almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds during the cleanse.. but make sure you chew it extremely well or it can be hard on the stomach, and right now you want to heal it.

After that stick to the stage 2 foods, which is when you can start eating certain meats.

After you stay on this diet for a few months you will notice a huge difference and it wont be long before you can finish it off with antifungals. The hardest part is staying away from simple carbs and sugar.. you just gotta remember it isnt going to make you feel any better. Exercise stimulates a hormone that stops sugar cravings so try going for walks and whatnot.