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Well the 23andme test has been halted by the FDA as of this week so you won’t be able to do it for sometime. It is just a genetic test and doesn’t tell you whats going on exactly unless you are really know what to look for.

I highly recommend trying out the strict forum diet for a period of time. There are lots of foods you can substitute for rice out there such as buckwheat (similar taste and texture). There are healthier versions of rice such as black, red, and wild rice. There are alternatives to oats and oat bran as well.

You could also have pH problems. If you are highly acidic, this benefits the yeast and general disease. This can be caused by not drinking enough water, drinking coffee, and eating acidic foods (basically stuff not on diet). If your private area has the wrong pH this can benefit just about anything other than your healthy flora.

In your first post on the forum you mentioned these symptoms:

Foul odour
Athlethes foot and some other fungal tonenail infection
stomach pains
Tired all the time
Sensitive to gluten in one food source… switched to gluten free of this product and noticed a dramatic difference in stomach pains
Brain fog
A really bad white coating on my tongue.

These can all be explained in not having a relationship to candida. The itching could be an allergy symptom or inflammatory symptom. It is also a candida symptom. Stomach pains could be related to stomach acid problems, constipation, dehydration, inflammation of the gut, not eating enough, not chewing your food enough, etc. This more or less could be related to poor digestion. Being tired all of the time could be related to adrenal and/or thyroid or sleep problems which in term can cause just about anything to take hold. Sensitivity to gluten can be caused by genetics, crohn’s or celiac disease, allergies, inflammation of the gut, leaky gut, etc. Brain fog can relate to toxins, your liver, thyroid, allergy, or adrenal problems. The white tongue is a common candida symptom. Athletes foot can be caused by both candida and parasites.

In order to reduce parasites you basically have to do a diet that is just like the candida diet but you have to it strict. Certain antifungals such as diatomaceous earth, black walnut, wormwood, etc. are good for fighting parasites. If yo decide to do this, you should experience parasite die-off immediately.

Part of your problem is you haven’t tried the strict diet. This is one of the best ways to heal yourself. You also haven’t taken any antifungals as far as I know and thus you don’t know if you will get die-off or a herx reaction or not. Typically you’ll know within one day whether you have had bad flora overgrown while doing the candida diet plus antifungals (because you experience die-off). Since you haven’t tried this yet then you aren’t addressing anything really.

My recommendations:

-rasters liver cleanse
-strict candida diet on forum
-get the metametrix stool test or candida IGA antibody blood test
-start calling around to naturopath’s or consult mine here in portland
-come up with a detox plan such as sauna, steam room, etc. to detox the toxins

You don’t have a positive diagnosis with candida so either you should start treating with the diet and antifungals or do testing.